This posting  is similar in context to June-August. “Volksmusik Livens Up the Alps” is a new poem written during July 2023. “Last Laugh in the Funhouse” was originally posted in March-May 2019. I submitted the poem to Arboreal Magazine in June 2023. It was accepted for publication in their August 2023 issue.

Volksmusik Livens Up the Alps

Come spring, more and more blue sky,
               snow has stopped falling, 
                          bare ground showing.
In due course skiing’s verboten—
               the chance of an avalanche at any time.

Though valleys apart, the villages’re steeped
                in a tradition that brings them together—
                            yodelers sound off, low and behold,
                                          all falsetto, always wordless.

When called upon, echoes join in—
                            the songfest reaches a climax.


Last Laugh in the Funhouse


Among the attractions
there’s always a back room
haunted by mirrors.
Above the entrance—
intruders are welcome
flashes off and on,
along with a green neon
arrow pointing forward.


Within appears deserted,
dim as a dungeon;
but before long, one after
another, reflections show up
on both sides, back and forth…
What poses for fun is figuring
out who looks like who,
whether they match a good
or bad impression?



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