December 2020-February 2021

Three by 3 of September-November reprised Scruples, numbers 4 thru 6.  As promised, there would be more to come!  Numbers 7 thru 9 are the continuation. What’s new are my readings of them.  (Click on the play icon to initiate).

All told: “The idea of scruples has to do with ethics and morality: what is right and wrong. Scruples are a kind of moral compass that lets you know what’s right.”  ( )



Bigfoot is back in season, should
     show up the more it snows,
             leaving fresh tracks
                   there and then.
After a while, trails will
      appear, clear cut
             enough to follow.

Mounting a search party
      takes some choosing.
Members must be as brave
           as savvy, able bodied, get
               along well, willing to bear
                        the burden of proof.

Once mustered, our mission
        is to make contact
              with this man,
                       beast, or both.
If it looks harmless and
        waves a white flag,
                so much the better.



Too bad for the jar
of jellybeans
on the top shelf,
as a cat
with a sweet tooth
shows up, all
at once, out
of curiosity.
Worse comes soon
after, when
he starts pawing
around, by
and large, closer,

Their worst off
would be
if, in due time,
he devours
the strawberries,
key limes,
every cherry,
a whole lot
of tutti fruttis.



After a while the fountain appears,
        as moving as ever, water galore
from the mouths of cherubs
         streaming into a pool.
The coins come from elsewhere,
         airborne, toss ups
that started out as small change.

They lie, by chance, scattered
         about, some sparkling
like new, others mistaken
         for moss.
Those down the drain, sight
         unseen, might
be twinkling in the dark.


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