September-November 2015

Time for another posting of Scruples? Numbers 4 thru 6 were posted in March of 2014. This time, it’s 7 and 8, the latter with an audio file. (Clicking on the triangle initiates playback).As for timeliness, both were written since the previous posting. They are the most recent poems published in Three by 3. The third poem, What’s in the Attic?, was written as recently as the Scruples entries. A first version from 2013 was revised in 2014, which is the work posted.

Scruples 8



Bigfoot is back in season, should
      show up the more it snows,
              leaving fresh tracks
                   there and then.
After a while, trails will
       appear, clear cut
               enough to follow.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Mounting a search party
         takes some choosing.
Members must be as brave
          as savvy, able bodied, get
                along well, willing to bear
                      the burden of proof.

Once mustered, our mission
        is to make contact           
               with this man,
                     beast, or both.
If it looks harmless and
        waves a white flag,
                 so much the better.



After a while the fountain appears,
as moving as ever, water galore
from the mouths of cherubs
streaming into a pool.
The coins come from elsewhere,
airborne, toss ups
that started out as small change.

They lie, by chance, scattered
about, some sparkling
like new, others mistaken
for moss.
Those down the drain, sight
unseen, might
be twinkling in the dark.


 What’s in the Attic?


One small, bare window
above the rafters,
under the roof,
lets all the light in.
During the day it comes
from sunbeams. At night,
star bright and moon glow.     

Boxes, stacks, piles
of something or another
have their place.
So does a door
the size of a hatch,
which opens up, shuts down.

Now you appear with more to store.
Not much room left– 
shelves are full, space is tight,
air cluttered with ghost dust.
Time to clean out the attic?
It´s long overdue.



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