December 2023-February 2024

This posting, like its two predecessors, is comprised of one new poem and one accepted  for publication. “Their Hot Pursuit Afoot” was written betweeen August and September.  “A Winning Affair,” originally posted in December 2021-February 2022 was submitted for publication in June 2023 to The Hare’s Paw Literary Journal and published in its September edition.


Their Hot Pursuit Afoot


On dog days in summer,
                a pack unleashed at dawn
obeys the sun’s high command—
                heads east, invades a village
whose citizens’re still embedded…

Darkness retreats—bright, in turn,
                 lightens up lane by lane,
house after house, floor to floor…

Among the windows it glares into,
                  any open bare streaming through;
shadows cleared out, sleepers
                  awaken, rise, and shine…

Home bodies are better off indoors;
                  come mid morning the devil’s
due’ll be milling around— hounds driven
                  mad by the heat hunting for cover.


   A Winning Affair


Mon cheri,
before the waiter shows up,
let us, a seating of lovers
at a window table, behave badly…

What’s wrong with stealing kisses,
playing name the shade of lipstick,
keeping score on a napkin?

Our café’s fondly called Cupid.
The wines are cheap, service slow,
and after a stroll along the Seine,
where we can sit side by side
so close an arrow couldn’t miss.

In good taste, I pick cherry red,
second guess wild strawberries…
The fun we have doing foreplay
lasts until, tongue in cheek,
you accuse me of cheating.


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