March-May 2024

“ Artist In Residence,” was originally posted in September-Noveember 2018. It was recently submitted to Calliope Review  and will be published in the spring 2024 issue.  “Volksmusik Livens Up the Alps” was posted  in September-November 2023.  This is a revision now entitled “This Season Livens Up the Alps.”



   Artist In Residence


Crystal sparkles, so a bowl
like the one sunning
by the window appears to dazzle.

On occasion it’s fruit colored.
Yellow when the apples are ripe,
green grapes out of season, ruby red in,
pears as amber as honey…

What’s seen in the light of day
he renders truer than life,
still enough to hang from any wall,
high or low, its bowl laden
with the fruit of his imagination.


This Season Livens Up the Alps


Come spring, more and more fair weather…
                      the lower slopes thaw out, flower
                                         with edelweiss, goats graze
                                                           on sunny meadows…

Valleys apart, the villages uphold a custom
                       that brings them together.
In celebration, seasoned yodelers sound off,
                      all falsetto, always wordless, calling
                                         upon mountains to join the Volksfest.

One by one, no longer snowbound, they echo back.


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